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Here is the first item, a how-to-do-it handbook based on tested techniques for brain-friendly teaching and continuous improvement in the classroom:
1.  Smart Teaching: Using Brain Research and Data to ... Improve Learning  

This unique “workshop in a handbook” has been developed by Ron Fitzgerald to illustrate and document the Teaching System that can help any teacher:

1. Implement the basic components of brain-friendly teaching and learning.
    2.  Implement quality management principles including using data effectively in the classroom.

The 132-page 81/2" by 11" handbook entitled Smart Teaching: Using Brain Research and Data to Continuously Improve Learning (ASQ Quality Press, 2005) consists of sets of pages - - a large graphic or handout page coupled with an explanation page. It covers an 8-component Teaching System. It also contains a CD-ROM of color slides, handouts and checklists useful for staff development activities and teacher training classes.

Here are reviews of the Teachers' Handbook taken from

An excellent resource for teachers of K-12 and adult classrooms, February 8, 2006
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
Smart Teaching: Using Brain Research And Data To Continuously Improve Learning, by education consultant and former superintendent of schools Ronald Fitzgerald, presents theories that the author has tested for ten years. All too often, teachers today use the same methods that they used thirty or forty years ago; recognizing the need for flexibility, and the importance of taking a student's learning style into account, Smart Teaching promotes a system for improving student achievement with an emphasis on practical application. Built around fundamental principles such as “Instruction is more effective if well-planned to achieve specific purposes”, “Students learn more if they are motivated first”, and “Documented success encourages more success”, Smart Teaching spells out methodical techniques for motivating students, preparing students, providing style choices, checking and adjusting student progress, and much more. A wealth of diagrams and figures succinctly illustrate key points, and an accompanying CD-ROM includes full-color PDF and PowerPoint slides ideal for in-service training. An excellent resource for teachers of K-12 and adult classrooms, whether used as a self-study tool or as the basis for a group workshop.

Effective Teaching in Simple Steps, September 16, 2005
Reviewer: George Taliadouros “George” (MA)
I have been in education for the last 34 years as a teacher, a middle manager, and an industry trainer/consultant; I must say that I have seen a plethora of materials intended for teachers and trainers. None has been as comprehensive, informative, practical and useful as “Smart Teaching: Brain Research and Data to Continuously Improve Learning” by Ron Fitzgerald. Most books on assisting teachers that I have encountered are very theoretical, and in some cases not very pragmatic. What sets this book ahead of the rest is the fact that it offers a practical and comprehensive system for classroom teaching utilizing the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle used by world-class companies as a tool for continuous improvement. This system really works!
As a high school teacher, a college professor, and an industry trainer, I have used the eight components outlined in this book and they have yield amazing quality results in the student learning. The system is divided into suggestion areas that can be worked on individually. SMART TEACHING provides concrete guidance in each area. It also contains useful hand-outs and a list of resources.
This manual outlines processes that represent a very powerful tool for boosting student learning, and it is a manual that any K-12 teacher, college professor, and industry trainer can use with great ease to move from “good teaching” to “great teaching” in keeping with the theme of Quality in Education.

College Educator Highly recommends Smart Teaching: September 12, 2005
Reviewer: Richard P. Lawrence (Bridgewater, MA. USA)
Wow! You should definitely purchase this book if you are interested in:brain-based Teaching (a teaching style that caters to the brain's natural, preferred tendency for learning), TQM-total quality management (a methodology that promotes team work and continuous improvement), visual data displays that facilitate data analysis (that shows achievement and non-achievement or strength & weaknesses, that in turn, forms a documented basis for improvement-oriented decisions).

This book is unique; it bridges total quality management with brain-friendly teaching in a very user-friendly manner. I love the brain-friendly format of creating summary/graphics on the left page and the full explanation on the right side. The information-packed book highlights an eight-component brain-friendly teaching system; Ten essential elements in TQM education; and a CD-ROM that includes hand-outs & color slides. Also, for more detail, I highly recommend going to Dr. Fitzgerald's web site This book promises to be a classic!

Teaching Today's Students As They Actually Learn, September 8, 2005
Reviewer: Sebastian Paquette (Lexington, MA USA)
Smart Teaching: Using Brain Research and Data to Continuously Improve Learning
Young people today are the intellectual equal to the generation before them - often even surpassing their predecessors in ability. Why then do so many learners, especially those in the higher grades, have such trouble mastering and retaining new information? The answer is easy. The youth of today has known a world of “fast-impulse learning,” ie: computers, MTV, and rapid multi-messaged music. That pace is natural and comfortable to this new generation, and it has evolved that “solid learning” can only be done along new guidelines.

How do we get schools to understand this dilemma? How do we help new teachers and uninformed teachers to help our future adults/parents? Mastering brain principle-based education takes substantial time, much effort, and considerable expense. These “costs” are so steep that by the very nature, overwhelmed teachers are repelled.

Dr. Ron Fitzgerald has provided the world with a logical, effective, and critically important “first step.” To insure solid learning, “Smart Teaching,” written in a brain-compatible method, is the ideal vehicle for ANY teacher to redirect his/her methods to reach all learners with “no child left behind.”

As an English teacher who has studied with Dr. Fitzgerald, researched brain-based learning/teaching, applied these strategies to business, literature, and basic English classes, I can state unequivocally that this system is THE MOST EFFECTIVE and brain-appropriate vehicle for learning that we have.

Having mastered the lessons of “Smart Teaching,” ANY educator can
successfully accomplish the following:
· Reach ALL learners
Address the Multiple Intelligences in a class
Address diverse Learning Modalities
· Incorporate a repertoire of charts, graphs, and other visual tools to complement traditional vehicles
· Build student self-esteem
· Increase student reading abilities in document and quantitative styles as well as prose
· Build solid writing skills in students who traditionally fear this art
· Motivate students to use Statistical Analysis as a measuring tool
· Model for learners the process of consistent self-improvement
· Teach students to self-assess, self-adjust, and improve finished work
· Develop an awareness of the “magic of literature”
· Build an understanding in young people of their brain functions and how such activities affect their decisions
· Prepare the youth of today for the unknown world of work of which they will soon be a part

"Smart Teaching: Using Brain Research and Data to Continually Improve Learning” - the road to success!

Sebastian R. Paquette
English Teacher
Lexington, MA
This handbook is an ideal resource for:

1. Individual teachers and trainers
2. School workshops
3. Courses in schools of education

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