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2.  Tested strategies for Brain-friendly Learning

This very comprehensive hardcover book by Eric Jensen is a practical and easy to read resource.  Eric is an expert and prolific author on the topic.  His how-to-do-it workshops have helped thousands of K-12 educators across the world understand and implement brain-friendly
teaching programs.  He is a serious student of neuroscience who has a talent for translating research and studies into effective classroom practices.   

The 288-page and fully updated resource is entitled Brain-Based Learning (Corwin Press, 2008).  It offers suggestions that really work and contains an extensive bibliography.  For many years my regional high school teachers used Eric's suggestions with truly SUPERIOR results.  Hundreds of students who needed more attention to the different ways in which they learned best blossomed, became proficient learners, increased their scores on high stakes tests,

 and graduated to success in college and the world of work.  Eric personally trained that staff in several local workshops.  His suggestions are no fad; they are one of the best paths to improving student learning in K-12 and even adult learining programs.  I strongly recommend this and Eric's other books to all teachers and schools. - - Ronald Fitzgerald, retired superintendent.
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3.  Brain-Compatible Techniques for Managing Classrooms

This 168-page paperback book by Marcia Tate can help any teacher or trainer, K-adult, implement procedures in classroom management that will keep students focused and positively engaged.  In that regard, many reviewers call it a "best book on classroom discipline."  Like Eric Jensen above, Marcia is a prolific author in this area, and I recommend all of her other books that you will find on to teachers and trainers.

Shouting Won't Grow Dendrites (Corwin Press, 2006) is so powerful that, if I were still an active rather than a retired superintendent, every teacher in my district would be given a copy of the book and access to related professional development programs.  Marcia's techniques would do more to increase the quality of learning and classroom environments than any of the past or current reforms and mandates pursued by state and national legislatures.  This book

provides the kind of practical help that our teachers and students deserve.  Ronald, Fitzgerald, retired superintendent.
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