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6.  Teaching Writing to Visual, Auditory, and 
     Kinesthetic Learners
7.  Building Emotional Intelligence: Techniques to Cultivate
     Inner Strength in Children [ILLUSTRATED]

This paperback book was written by Donovan R. Walling.  It was published by Corwin Press,
a company that offers many excellent books on brain-friendly teaching.  It was published in February of 2006, contains 136 pages, and is available from

Every middle school and high school teacher of writing or English should read this book.  This is one of the only books in this subject area that really shows how choices in assignments can support proper attention to the different learning styles of different students.  Students love to have choices; so this can make learning much more enjoyable.  Even more important, when visual, auditory, and kinesthetic options are provided, more students with different learning styles learn and remember much more. 

If there were books like this for every major subject area of the K-12 curricula, the level of student involvement and achievement would really rise.  I hope that talented teachers in other subject areas will use this book as a model to share suggestions and experiences with their peers.  Let me know if you do this so that I can report on the resource.  

This 155 page hardcover book with an accompanying CD was published by Sounds True, Inc. in April of 2008.  The book is available on

The book package was produced by educator Linda Lantieri and Daniel Goleman, the latter being the psychologist and author who first generated attention to emotional intelligence.  It offers and explains exercises that parents and teachers can use to help youngsters to develop the critical skills of emotional intelligence.  It shows how to adapt the exercises to three different age groups: 5-7, 8-11, and 12 and up.  This is important because emotional intelligence (EI) is formed in the first two decades of life, and EI is a major factor in promoting career success.  This is a practical how to do it resource that can help any school fulfill an important goal in preparing students for college and career success.