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8.  Continuous Improvement in the Science 
     Classroom, Second Edition
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9.  Unleashing Your Brilliance
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This 288 page paperback book was published by Walsh Seminars in July of 2005.  The book is available on

The book was written by Brian E. Walsh, PhD.  He has an extensive background in human resources, training, therapy, and accelerated learning.  The book was not written just for teachers.  Rather it provides any adult an amazingly comprehensive review of tools for using what we know about the brain for learning and success.  Topics include brain models, concept maps, accelerated learning, multiple intelligences, emotions, learning styles, neurolinguistic programming, and many others.  It is a great book for a teacher to read leisurely in the summer or while on vacation to gain a general background.  Much of the information can be useful in teaching and an equal amount can be useful in the reader's personal life.  You can search inside the book on Amazon.   

This second edition paperback was written by experienced middle school teacher Jeffrey J.
Burgard.  The revised 168-page edition profits from both the teacher's classroom experience and his ten years of workshop experience helping other teachers.  It was published by ASQ Quality Press in April of 2009.  The book shows how to empower students as partners in learning using W. Edwards Deming's theory of Profound Knowledge.  It is truly a practical how-to-do-it guide for middle and high school science teachers who want to continuously improve student learning.  The techniques described include attention to the principles of quality management and brain-friendly teaching described on the web site  This includes involving students in the measurement of their improvement with run charts, scatter diagrams, and other tools.  Students really enjoy this process, and it leads to real performance gains   
ASQ Quality Press has similar books available for both the mathematics and social studies areas.  This book for science classes is available from both ASQ and Amazon.  At Amazon, you can search inside the book 
Book = Unleashing Your Brilliance