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New EBook Edition of Brain-friendly Learning: A Powerful Handbook for Teenagers  (See above.) + EBook Resources
12.  Brain-friendly Learning: A Powerful Handbook for
       Teenagers   (Printed Edition.  See below for EBook.)
Brain-friendly Learning: A Powerful Handbook for Teenagers

This 45-page, 8 1/2" by 11", full color handbook by Ron Fitzgerald was made available in January of 2010 by Dog Ear Publishing.  The unique visuals-and-text format has three basic uses, all focused on improving student learning:
1. Self-study by teenagers,
2. A basic reference in how-to-learn classes in middle and high schools, and
3. An aid for teachers who wish to convert traditional classes to more brain-friendly classes. 

The handbook is based upon researched and tested brain-friendly learning techniques.  It also is designed to encourage teenagers to begin matching their unique learning styles and talents to college majors and career fields that they will then enjoy.

A special web site has been established where you can learn much more about this special resource and, if you wish, purchase copies at a substantial discount.  Just click this button to go to that site - -
The new and inexpensive ($4.99) eBook allows a school to operate a very cost effective and tested program on How to Learn in any room equipped with computers.  The eBook can be downloaded to any computer, PC or Mac.  Students or their parents can purchase and download personal copies of the handbook for their computers or ereader devices.  Using this ready-to-go handbook can help you increase student learning in your school.  The reference site provides information on the book,  purchase options, and extensive resources such as a free Educators Guide.  Be sure to read the special article on using eBooks in Schools to consider a powerful and inexpensive direction for gaining more resources and perhaps even more revenue in your school. 
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