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13. Moodle for Dummies
This up-to-date paperback is a solid resource for teachers and/or an in-service course in a school or college where the faculty wants to use free (open source) software to prepare on-line lessons for students.  Over a million teachers now use Moodle.  The 408-page book by Radana Dvorak provides complete coverage on how to use the versatile web-based editor.  You can "search inside" this book on  SAMPLE IMPROVEMENT PROJECT WITH THIS BOOK:  One or two teachers could work in the summer and become experts at using Moodle with the help of this book and its associated free web site.  Then they could help other faculty members to learn to use the great software during the school year.
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PowerPoint for Teachers
14.  PowerPoint forTeachers
This paperback was written by Ellen Finkelstein and Pavel Samsonov.  The 352 page book was published in 2008 by Jossey-Bass.  There are many good books on how to use PowerPoint.  However, this is THE BEST one I have seen for teachers who want to switch from using PowerPoint simply as a visual presentation device to the more powerful mode of using it to promote interactivity with subject matter.  The brain-friendly interactivity or engagement supports better learning.  In addition the book has great sections on on-line PowerPoint resources, how to teach PowerPoint to students (elementary, middle/high school, and college), and on the companion web site to the book.  The companion web site provides examples of projects, clickable links to resources, clip art, and photos.  I recommend this book strongly to individual teachers and for useful teacher training programs. 
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