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This site provides information and purchasing links on powerful and practical books for K-12 teachers, administrators,staff developers, and classes in schools of education.  Free articles providing related background can be found on the sister site:

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1.  Smart Teaching: Using Brain Research and Data to ... Improve Learning

2.  Tested Strategies for Brain-friendly Learning

3.  Brain-Compatible Techniques for Managing Classrooms

4.  The Carrott Principle

5.  Transforming Schools: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

6.  Teaching Writing to Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learners

7.  Building Emotional Intelligence: Techniques to Cultivate Inner Strength in 

8.  Continuous Improvement in the Science Classroom

9.  Unleashing Your Brilliance

10.  Brain-Based Strategies to Reach Every Learner

11.  Handbook on Differentiated Instruction for Middle and
       High Schools

Now Available; click below.

12.  Brain:friendly Learning: A Powerful Handbook for
BULLETIN:  Now includes a new eBook version and access to eBook resourcess!!!

13.  Moodle for Dummies

14.  PowerPoint for Teachers

15.  Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make
       Everyone Smarter

16.  Differentiation and the Brain